A classy property in San Juan

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San Juan is the perfect place for the purchase of a property. What are you looking for? A chic finca or a cozy villa? Or have you possibly already found the house of your dreams in Ibiza?


San Juan Ibiza is a quiet place, but that does not mean that there’s little to experience here – quite the opposite! You can enrich your life by experiencing the many wonders that San Juan has in store for you, from your own perspective.


Property in first sea line in San Juan

Dreamy property in first sea line, San Juan, Ibiza


On the promenade of Cala San Vicente is where you can safely and cheerfully walk along – because here there are no cars that distract you from the stunning nature of Ibiza. The soundscape in San Juan is unique and only remotely comparable to that of other islands: The waves break smoothly and quietly on the beach and repeat the same rhythm second by second. The monotone sounds provide you with a feeling of safety and security even outside of your villa over and over again.


Every now and then, the sound of carefree laughter mixes among the sound of the waves breaking. On particularly hot days, when the sun seems to illuminate your face tirelessly with its warm rays, you can hear joyful laughter of happy people energetically jumping in the bright blue sea of Ibiza. On such days, you also often take the opportunity to happily disappear into the sea and take a moment to laugh in enjoyment.


You’ll probably never get used to the smell of fresh sea salt, high-dose sunscreen, ripe oranges and fruity cocktails, no matter how long you stay in your chic Villa in San Juan. Because some things are irreplaceable and are often a luxury that you have to experience on your own, outside of your elegant property. It’s only with an awakened spirit that you are able to perceive the little gifts of life that will make your life so special.


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