Concrete Gold: Liz Hurley sells her estate for three times the price

The deal appears to have been a gold mine for the actress, Liz Hurley. The beautiful Brit sold her estate in the southern English Cotswolds for £9 million. She had bought the property for £3.3 million in 2002.

Concrete Gold: Liz Hurley sells her estate for three times the priceSpecial feature: The estate is situated on an arable area of land. Hurley had bought sheep, chickens, cattle and geese for the farm. Reportedly, organic meat was produced on the farm, which was even sold regularly to Harrods. The prices for real estate on arable land in the South of England have risen significantly in recent years. With nine bedrooms and six bathrooms, the property offers plenty of space for personal needs. As well as the main house, a guest house, additional outbuildings, and a party barn are located within the grounds. The rural atmosphere, romantic surroundings and picturesque views of the countryside make the property one of a kind.

The Brit works as a model, actress, and producer: She can look back on Hollywood hits such as ‘Passenger 57’, ‘Austin Powers’, and ‘Gossip Girl’ and was successful as a producer with movies like ‘Mickey Blue Eyes’ alongside Hugh Grant. Additionally, she engaged in a campaign for the prevention of breast cancer and was the face of Estée Lauder for several years.