How to create the perfect bedroom

Whether you just moved into your new home or you plan to redesign your bedroom – creating an atmosphere is about the most important aspect if you want to design a good night sleep. Your bedroom should be your haven where you can relax and calm down to a peaceful sleep every night.

  1. How to create the perfect bedroom

    1. Invest in a good, durable mattress.

    Try to sleep on the mattress several times before you buy it or at least lie for a certain time on it in the store to find out if you feel comfortable. The mattress needs to support your body and shouldn’t be too firm.

    2. Pick good quality bedding.

    Think of the time you spend every single night in your bed. If you sleep about eight hours every night, you spend 2.920 hours in your bed per year. Choose linens that are made out of natural fabric. The more pure they are, the more comfortable they will be in a long run.

    3. Nightstand

    Your nightstand doesn’t have to be perfect, but you will definitely need it. Where else are you going to put your bottle of water and your favourite book? Some bed side tables include doors or drawers to house your personal belongings. A nightstand needs to be functional and aesthetically pleasing so choose one that matches your bedroom style.

    4. Wall paint

    Choose a natural, soothing palette. This will create a serene space. Colours that are too bright or bold can keep you awake. Studies say the most restful colour for a good night sleep is blue- so people sleeping in a blue room wake up happy and positive after nearly eight hours sleep per night.

    5. Curtains

    Curtains make a room. Take a look at the fabric: Some curtains help keep out the cold. And even more important:  Look out for window-covering options that can help you darken the room which prevents you from waking up too early.

    6. Flooring

    Ideally have a hard wood floor or a good quality carpet. A well-placed rug under the bed gives your bedroom a classic look.

    7. Essential oils for sleep

    Use calming and relaxing aromas with essential oils. Finding the best oil for you might take a little bit of trial. The most popular soothing nighttime oil might be lavender since it is considered as an effective sleep aid since many years.

    8. Storage

    Try to keep your bedroom clutter-free. The tidier your bedroom is, the more easily you will fall asleep. If you don’t have enough closet-space, an under your bed storage might be the best solution.

    9. Lighting

    Your bedroom is not only for sleeping so you need a cosy light, ideally with a dimmer to be able to adjust the light. Try to create a warm, gentle glow to help you wind down after a long day.  

    10. Cosy furniture

    If you have the space, consider creating a cosy seating-area for example with a comfortable armchair for reading and relaxing. 

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