Are you dating a real estate agent?

couple on the streetIs your partner quick-thinking, astute and self-motivated? Is their schedule so busy that you keep their photograph in your pocket just to remember what they look like? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to both those questions, we’d strongly suspect that you’re in a relationship with a real estate agent. Here are seven other signs that might just seem familiar:

1. “Weekend” is not in your vocabulary

While other couples spend their Sundays lazily on the sofa, if you’re in a relationship with a real estate agent, their weekend plans are likely to revolve around open houses and client meetings. You may not appreciate being woken by their 6:00am alarm on your day off, but at least you won’t have to share the remote.

2. Free time is home improvement time

When they do get time off, there’s nothing a real estate agent likes to do more than add value to their own property. Even if you don’t share the same thrill at the sight of well-executed crown moulding, you can rest assured that your joint investment is in safe hands.

3. They’re always getting calls from strangers

In any other relationship, you would be forgiven for worrying if your other half spent this much time charming strangers over the phone. Fortunately, in your partner’s case that vivacious conversation in the other room is strictly professional lead generation. Constant calls may be distracting, but they’re also a sign that business is booming.

4. They never get lost

Is your partner the equivalent of a walking GPS system, capable of heading straight for your chosen destination like a homing pigeon? As well as being incredibly organised, knowing the local property market means most agents are great navigators. Just don’t get too relaxed when you’re walking home together; before you know it you’ll have embarked on a three-mile detour in order to view a recent development or up-and-coming neighbourhood. 

5. Your home is an extension of the office

Your dining room table is frequently covered with piles of property brochures and open house flyers, your television is permanently tuned to property programmes, and sometimes your furniture mysteriously disappears shortly before an important viewing nearby. The concept of leaving your work at work may be alien to your partner, but you certainly can’t fault their drive and commitment. 

6. There are no awkward silences

Real estate agents are renowned for their excellent people skills; the ability to carry a conversation and bring out the best in people is all part of the job. Taking your partner to dinner with friends is always a delight, even if they do spend the evening trying to persuade said friends to sell their houses.

7. Holidays are all about location, location, location

Planning a romantic break spent walking hand in hand along a deserted beach? If your partner has anything to do with the decision, you’re more likely to travel to a destination with a burgeoning property market, where they’ll spend much of their time plotting trips to local estate agents in order to check out the competition.

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