A day in the life of an agent: New York

A day in the life of an agent: New YorkLeslie Hirsch is working as a real estate agent in the Engel & Völkers Metropolitan Center New York. For the past 12 years, Leslie has worked in concert with her business partner Howard Morrel to build a multifaceted sales force. In this interview, she gives us a short description of her life as a real estate agent in New York City:

1. Could you give us a short description about your job in New York? How does a “normal” working-day look-like?

As an Advisor at the New York City  Engel & Volkers office, every day presents a new and exciting challenge. My partner Howard Morrel and I oversee a team of 6 agents who specialize in Manhattan luxury sales. On any given day we are meeting with our buyer and seller clients, showing property, brainstorming marketing strategies and staying on top of the market in “the city that never sleeps”.

2. What was your most funny or weird experience while working as an agent?

 It’s always interesting to see how people react to being on a high floor of a skyscraper. Many times I’ve worked with buyers who insist on only looking at apartments on the highest floors, only to walk in and realize they are afraid of heights!

3. What kind of personal skills are necessary to be successful?

Tenacity, energy, a positive attitude and strategic thinking. One must have a great memory, an awareness of global market trends and a good business sense.

4. What would you suggest people that are interested in working as an agent but are still hesitating about the decision?

If you are highly motivated, love people and are willing to take on a challenge, working in real estate can be immensely rewarding. However, success does not happen overnight and you need to be financially and mentally prepared for that.   New York City is a highly competitive market which requires focus and a commitment to continually improve yourself. That means waking up every day, thinking: “How will I be better than my competition? How will I provide superior service?”

5. What are the special challenges for real estate agents in New York City? How does the market function?

The sheer pace of business in New York City is a challenge. New Yorkers move at hyper-speed! NYC is an investment hub for people throughout the world, and agents must be prepared to work with clients’ various time zones and travel schedules.  We must always be prepared to seize an opportunity at the spur of the moment. Agents here must also be able to adapt to the needs of each client, which can vary greatly depending on their country of origin and personal goals.   Each building in New York is its own micro-market. Agents need to know the nuances of each building and think of them as vertical neighborhoods.