Your designer Beach House in Knokke, West Flanders in Belgium!

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How amazing can life be? You’ve risked and you’ve earned the best property you could possibly imagine right here in beautiful Knokke in West Flanders, Belgium. This marvelous villa is not just located 5 minutes from the beach, everything in it is fully designed by a group of amazing interior designers. How lucky are you to call yourself the owner of this amazing house?! Thanks to your Real Estate agent, this is now a fact!


View of a villa surrounded by a beautiful garden with trees in Knokke

Unique house Brussels, Belgium


You’ve instantly fallen in love with this city and knew this was going to be the place you call home for you and your wife. You have both worked so hard these past years and are just ready to enjoy the beauty of life in a city that allows for peace and happiness. Located on the north eastern coastline of Belgium, Knokke offered an unbeatable location for your beach house.


The coming weeks, months, years are going to be amazing, and you’ve already planned out a calendar full of things to do! First, you’re visiting the Zwin, a wild life resort at the eastern side of the Belgian coast, that’s only 10 min from your house! For more natural adventures, head over to the Bronlaan, the Butterfly garden’, a large, tropically heated greenhouse that features ponds and small waterfalls with thousands of exotic butterflies!


Hungry for a little local snack? Make sure to stop by the Waffle House “Marie Siska” – this is a gem of Knokke’s, that has been here since 1892. This authentic gastronomic spot is the precise location where Mother Siska made some delicious waffles in a five-hearts shape. Mmmmm!


Your life is promised to be filled with joys, relaxation and happiness. You deserve this and now it’s your reality in Knokke, Belgium!


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