Discover California living at Discovery Bay

Discovery Bay situated on the east side of Hong Kong’s largest island Lantau, is the city’s very own resort. In stark contrast to the rest of hurried Hong Kong, Discovery Bay is serene, clean and green. This relative peacefulness is attributed to the fact that private vehicles are not allowed to ply on Discovery Bay. Residents commute via public shuttle buses or private electric golf carts. 

Around the clock ferries, Kaito boats and taxis are other modes of transportation, which offer a conduit to Central, the airport, the nearest MTR stations and neighboring islands of Peng Chau and Mui Wo.

Discovery Bay is an oasis of low-density living, garden houses, and oceanfront villas are predominant as accommodation choices though the area has some high-rises too. This residential enclave features a spacious layout with sweeping sea views, manicured lawns, and well-paved paths suitable for bicycling and roller blading. These prominent features lend the neighborhood a distinct Californian vibe.

The shops and businesses located in the North Plaza shopping mall at Yi Pak Bay cater to the daily needs of the resident community, while the seafront D’Deck brims with restaurants, bars, and cafes. The sandy Discovery Bay beach is a hot weather haunt and offers a plethora of water sports. More recreational activities abound at the community’s four private members’ clubs, 27-hole golf course, marina, Public Park and the Lantau Boat Club.

Hiking is a favored activity of the area’s residents especially the two-hour trek to Silvermine Beach and Mui Wo via the Trappist Haven Monastery, a Roman Catholic Monastery dating back to the mid-1950’s.  Hong Kong’s Trappist brand of milk originates from this monastery. Other favorite rambles include walking up to Look Out Point from the Discovery Bay Pier via D’Deck or walking to Nim Shu Wan village to soak in stunning sunset views.

The residents of Discovery Bay also have many of Hong Kong’s best-known attractions within easy reach.

Ngong-Ping-360Ngong Ping 360

Ngong Ping 360 is the cable car service that connects Tung Chung town center and Ngong Ping village on Lantau Island. This 5.7 km long cable car route is the longest bi-cable ropeway in Asia and is deemed a must-see attraction in Hong Kong.

As you ride in one of the glass-bottomed cabins (the slightly more expensive Crystal cabin) during the 25-minute journey, you are afforded stunning 360 views. These vistas feature the lush, green Lantau landscape, boats and ships navigating the azure waters of the South China Sea and planes arriving and departing the airport

The cable car journey ends at the Ngong Ping Village, a culturally themed village and the principal access point to Hong Kong’s world famous attraction, the Big Buddha.

IMG_2758The Wisdom Path

The Wisdom Path located near the village features a collection of 38 wooden columns arranged in a particular pattern. These columns bear inscriptions of the ancient Buddhist prayer, the Heart Sutra relevant not only to Buddhists but also to followers of Confucius and Taoism.

Big Buddha HKThe Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery

The Big Buddha, which sits at the summit of Mount Muk Yue, is a bronze structure that rises to a height of 34 meters. This bronze statue took 12 years to build and is the largest sitting Buddha in the world. The Big Buddha (Tian Tan) and the Po Lin Monastery are today landmark Buddhist attractions drawing devotees and tourists from around the globe. The monastery’s Buddha iconography, lush garden, and vegetarian restaurant are other popular attractions.

largeHong Kong Disneyland

The Hong Kong outpost of the immensely popular US amusement park is a prominent attraction in Asia. Disney characters, exciting rides, magnificent parades and shows unique to its location constitute the major attractions at this Hong Kong outpost that draws hordes of tots and tweens year round.

Inspiration-Lake-Lantau-Hong-KongInspiration Lake

Within easy reach of Hong Kong Disneyland Park is Inspiration Lake or rather the Inspiration Lake Recreation Centre. This man-made lake occupies a 12-hectare plot on Penny’s Bay. The lake’s recreation facilities include paddle boating, biking and jogging. A children’s playground is also present on site.

IMG_0820Citygate Outlet Mall

Located in Tung Chung town center, this outlet mall is perennially inundated with shopping enthusiasts. The mall plays host to 80 odd stores of well-known international brands that offer past season merchandise at rebates of up to 70%.

Looking northwards from Finger Hill on the island of Peng Chau.Peng Chau

The neighboring island of Peng Chau is accessible via ferry from Discovery Bay and is a popular day trip option. The island offers   attractions such as a quaint village center set amongst ancient buildings and winding paths. A hiking trail leading up Finger Hill and a scenic Tin Hau Temple are some of the island’s other draws.

Clean air and a peaceful, green environment are the hallmarks of Discovery Bay living. And it’s hardly as if Discovery Bay is a remote backwater given that it is within easy reach of Central and the many well-known landmark attractions of Hong Kong.

If such a lifestyle is familiar and appeals to your sensibilities, do contact our professional, knowledgeable team of agents which includes Discovery Bay specialists to learn more and schedule viewings of suitable properties.