Discovering the Venetian gondola

The gondola was born around 1500 and is the only boat in the world about 11 meters long and more than 600 kg weight which can be maneuvered lightly and easily by a single person with a single oar. Over time, the gondola has become the very symbol of the city of Venice, being unique, such as the city it represents.
The structure of this typical Venetian boat is asymmetrical: the left side is larger than the right of 24 cm, and so that is why it navigates always tilted to one side. It has a flat bottom which allows it to cross even depth of a few centimeters.
For its construction are being used eight different types of wood and it is composed by 280 different parts.
The characteristic “ferro” (iron) or “pettine” iron with 6 teeth at the bow (front), has a characteristic silhouette that simulates the shape of the Grand Canal, while the six teeth are the six districts in which Venice is divided, as you can see in the picture below: