Your dream of a house in Puerto de Andratx

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You’ve already checked out a few properties on Mallorca. Villas and Fincas- there’s plenty of that here, but there was only one house in Andratx that you’ve really liked.


You love Mallorca and its many communities: Be it Camp De Mar, Alcudia, Canyamel or Arta. Each location is connected with a special occassion for you: A great day at the beach, a cultural trip, a delicious restaurant or a relaxed round of golf. But with Andratx is where you connect much more than these tiny adventures, that you could truly have anywhere in the world.


Large villa in the twilight with its panoramic sea view over Andratx and the sea

Villa in a breathtaking location, Andratx, Mallorca


No matter how many dreams you have and strive for, there’s only one dream house for you and it’s located on Mallorca. To be exact – in Andratx! Amongst all the wonderful and breathtaking Properties, you’ve found a villa for yourself, that suits your taste and your wallet. You only want the best, and here on Mallorca is where you’ll get it: Culture, relaxation, living.


A piece of culture is where you get at Centro Cultural Andratx. The museum houses a variety of ateliers, that regularly invite artists to prove their skills. This center doesn’t only organize exhibits, this is also where art is created.


Artists from all over the world travel here, communication and mutual exchange take place here constantly, and that’s exactly what you like. As you’ve visited for the first time, you’ve instantly noticed this open atmosphere. Inspired by this dialogue, you’ve even started considering possibly taking a sketching class.


Paradoxically, you seem to need more courage to do that, than to find a chic villa in Andratx. Who knows, maybe you can hang your own masterpieces in your new house on Mallorca very soon! Just be brave!


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