Dream villa in San Carlos

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Ibiza is a dream for many people, because aside from the Mediterranean climate, the sunny island offers numerous wonderful properties. You have the choice of which stylish villa you would like to visit and perhaps even buy in San Carlos.

The eventful year 2015 is coming to an end. The only things left for you to do are a few preparations, so that you can end the year in relaxation. However, you are already looking forward to 2016. You want to start the new year full of whistles, because there’s a lot for you to do in Ibiza: You want to decorate your new property in your own personal style and also experience a few things outside of your villa! However, before you plunge into new adventures, take it easy right before Christmas – especially at Christmas time, there are many things to do in San Carlos.

Villa with pool and sunbathing opportunities in indirect light (San Carlos)

Villa with feel-good factor, San Carlos, Ibiza

How about a visit at the exhibition space of the C19 in Calle Castilla de Ibiza? Here’s where artists present their pieces of the Escola d’Art de la Isla. If you like a piece of the exhibition, you can buy it here! You might even discover a piece that matches both the new interior style as well as your new villa.

Who knows what the New Year will being along in San Carlos, but one thing is for sure: a villa that meets your taste – you have already found it.

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