Easter in Florence – Scoppio del Carro

Pasqua E&V


Every year Florence celebrates Easter Sunday in a very special way. The Scoppio del Carro is a tradition born about 400 years ago. The decorated float, also called the “Brindellone”, was held the first time in 1622.


The Carro, well stocked with fireworks, when it arrives in front of the Cathedral stops and waits for the start of the Mass. Around 11, from the altar of the Cathedral, while inside the church singing the Gloria, the Archbishop lights on the fire with the sacred fire, this in turn flies out the church along a wire which is going to hit the Carro in the square. Creating a spectacular fireworks that arouse the applause of the entire audience: this is what we mean by the Scoppio del Carro! If the ritual proceeds regularly and all the fireworks explode, then it promises a rich and prosperous harvest and good luck for the city and for its citizens. This is why every year, all are hoping for a perfect Scoppio del Carro!

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