El Molinar: Your first class property is here!

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You decided to treat yourself to a nice property in El Molinar in Mallorca. Whether a spacious apartment or a chic penthouse – here you’re sure to find it!

You’ve liked all the regions of the sunny island of Mallorca right away and immediately felt comfortable at the beautiful beaches. You have observed the land and its people extensively and let the language and lifestyle affect you. Especially El Molinar is the ideal place for gourmets and connoisseurs like you!

Apartment with views of the sea in El Molinar

Apartment in a prime location, El Molinar, Mallorca

When it comes to the popular spots of El Molinar, you especially like the charming fishing port. This cozy harbor bears no comparison to the other ports that you have met so far – the atmosphere and the friendly fishermen have made a great impression on you right away! After you have taken a long walk along the stunning coastline, you kept returning to sit back at the cozy restaurants and enjoy a delicious paella.

El Molinar has a very special charm of its own which makes the place so special: Here you’ll find the most unusual restaurants, the prettiest cafés and the best cocktails. Soon you will be stroll through the trendy districts of El Molinar in Mallorca and enjoy the magnificent view of the sea on a regular basis.

You specifically enjoy your regular bike rides along the coast you. Particularly for people like yourself, who have discovered El Molinar for themselves, there is a coastal bike path that you can use to finally be able to get away from everyday stress. The location and its unique properties have left with you a special feeling of security: Here you will find the peace you need.

Your new apartment is perfect for you and the surroundings of El Molinars fill you with joy over and over again. The purchase of your property in El Molinar gives you strength and a unique feeling of exhilaration. The longer you are here, the more satisfied you are: You will experience an unforgettable time here.

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