Engel & Völkers Charity is looking for sponsors for 20 schoolchildren

OlgahOlgah Amivi Konu is nine years old. She is from a village around 15 kilometres from Agbetiko in West Africa. Olgah is an orphan. Her father died shortly after she was born and her mother left and is presumed missing. She was therefore brought up by her grandfather. Due to his age though, it was no longer possible for him to continue looking after his granddaughter adequately. He had heard about “L´ecole privée Engel & Völkers”, the primary school project initiated by the E&V Charity. He spoke with the school’s principal, Robert Nyagbe, who welcomed Olgah to the school. But the long 15-kilometre trip to and back from the school each way proved problematic and almost prevented Olgah from receiving an education. Nyagbe and his wife agreed to take the little girl in to ensure that she was able to attend school after all.

Thanks to the E&V Charity, which funds the teachers, uniform and teaching materials, along with the generosity of the Nyagbe family, Olgah is now enjoying a school education. She is in Year Three of the Engel & Völkers primary school and can look forward to brighter prospects for the future. Robert Nyagbe commented as follows: “She is a sprightly and intelligent girl, and is one of the best in the school.”

Just like Olgah, many other children at the school are in need of someone to sponsor them.Kinder

The E&V Charity is currently looking for sponsors for 20 children in Year One. For 25 euros per month, sponsors can fund a child’s education at the Engel & Völkers primary school in Togo. This monthly amount also covers the school uniform, all teaching materials and two meals a day for the child. At the end of the school year, all sponsors are sent up-to-date photos and a report about the child they are sponsoring, in order to find out directly about the progress the children are making at the school.

Sponsorship can begin at any time and can also be for a limited period. All donations make a difference! If you are interested please contact Ina Schlüter, Executive Director of the Engel & Völkers Charity e.V.

For further information please contact: Ina Schlüter

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