E&V Day in Wiesbaden – Create your success!

The “Kurhaus” in Wiesbaden, a building of splendid architectural merit, formed the exclusive backdrop for the E&V Day. Members of the Board Kai Enders and Christian Evers welcomed some 600 E&V licence partners, real estate agents and assistants from all over Germany and Austria to the event on 15 September. They were privy to fascinating talks on farming and volition, were introduced to new technical developments of the E&V platform and had the opportunity to network with colleagues in a unique atmosphere and as befits E&V – to celebrate.

E&V Day in Wiesbaden – Create your success!Farming – and the market is yours!

Kai Enders introduced the theme of farming with the question: What exact is farming? “We define farming as the intensive working of a clearly defined submarket such as a particular neighbourhood in a town or city – with the aim of position ourselves as the specialist for the brokerage of property there.“ Both Christian von Gottberg, Licence Partner of Berlin-Charlottenburg, and Sebastian Fischer, Licence Partner of Berlin-Mitte, explained in a podium discussion from their experiences and changes with and through farming. But not only licensing partner, but also real estate agents are convinced by the benefits of the farming concept. This became clear in the subsequent discussion round with Nicole Staudinger and Michael Madden (Berlin-Charlottenburg) as well as Jessica Paul and Bettina Faryar-Grünewald (Berlin-Mitte).

E&V platform – making use of it and getting started

Christian Evers posed the question: What makes online platforms like the transportation service Uber and Airbnb so successful around the world? “They give individuals that capability to be successful in a quick and straightforward manner – on the basis of an infrastructure that cannot be brought about by individuals themselves. High levels of scalability means that these platforms grow at a rapid pace, creating strong brands along the way,” said Mr. Evers.

Engel & Völkers is a platform like this too, offering: 

•    A strong brand
•    A global network
•    A broad range of products, offline and online
•    And a solid foundation of system knowledge

With the aim of implementing branding even more intensively, there will be an exciting television format with Engel & Völkers.

Volition – the unknown energie

Joachim Pawlik, Founder & Chairman of Pawlik Consultants, spoke about how people turn their intentions into actions and what people need to remain successful in the long term, in an insightful talk about “Volition”. Volition means willpower and enforcement of that willpower. It is a key requirement for professional success in the long term.

Programm points, such as the award of the “Best Newcomer 2015“ and the raffle of ten Agent pages were further highlights of the event. In addition, there was the opportunity to order merchandising products locally or become better acquainted with the Polo School. Little details and surprises, like a Engel & Völkers photo wall, the polo wooden horse or the e-bike ensured a complete successful and entertaining day.

The evening came to an end with a varied buffet and musical entertainment in a nice atmosphere. As giveaway a toolbox with seller brochures, a real estate agent toolbook, the special edition of the Academy booklet about Volition, a pencil, a keychain and a ball with Engel & Völkers branding was given to everybody.

E&V Day in Wiesbaden – Create your success!E&V Day in Wiesbaden – Create your success!E&V Day in Wiesbaden – Create your success!E&V Day in Wiesbaden – Create your success!E&V Day in Wiesbaden – Create your success!E&V Day in Wiesbaden – Create your success!

We are already looking forward to the next E&V Day with you!

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