E&V SG Present: Claude Balzan Demajo Sales Director of the Northern Area


Following up from last week’s exclusive interview with Mr. Pal Patrik Tarcza who is our Rental & Commercial Director, this time we shall take a look at the Northern Sales Director – Claude Balzan Demajo. Boasting over 25 years in manufacturing experience, he opted for a change in career and use his management expertise in the context of a real estate agency.

We found some time to interview Claude, and ask him about why he decided to change his career path. His ambitions as a team leader and qualities he brings to his new team were also put in question.

Q: Can you give us a little introduction about yourself and why you decided to change to real estate?

A: I currently hold the position of Sales Director in the Northern Area of Malta. Some of the most scenic areas are located along the Northern area of the island. Towns such as St. Paul’s Bay, Mellieha and Mgarr are highly popular localities especially in the summer months, when tourists come to visit our island. We currently have 9 highly trained and specialised agents. My Job is very critical in closing deals. In some cases, agents would need an extra helping hand to come to a closing agreement. As for the second part of your question, people often get to a stage in life where they have experienced a lot of the same things. Being a very ambitious person, I always want to feel challenged in life, and after 25 years of building a good contact list I felt that this opportunity couldn’t come at a better time.

Q: Given the lack of real estate experience, how are you handling people in your team who have been around for a good number of years?

A: The best thing with being part of a team is that everyone brings something different to the table. I have some unique managerial and negotiating qualities which my team are finding very beneficial, and obviously they have unmatched skills when it comes to real estate brokerage. Together we have a very positive chemistry which so far is working perfectly.

Q: What are your ambitions as a Team Leader with E&V Sara Grech?

A: Our target is simple. Be the best at what we know best, i.e. property brokerage services. During my first few months with the company I noticed that there is huge unfulfilled potential in the north of the island which we are trying to capitalize on. Our aim as a team is to be the market experts of the northern area!

For more information on the Northern area of the island you can contact Claude and his team on +356 79759067



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