An exclusive villa in Mallorca in Alaró

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Your new villa is now located on Mallorca and every day, you get more excited about your new property and its unique surroundings. You can find villas and fincas all over the world, but the most stylish houses are located in Alaró.


Villa with sun terrace in Alaró Luxurious Villa with fantastic views, Alaró, Mallorca


Alaró is a small, cozy location, just how you like them. It is located northwest of Palma de Mallorca and offers excellent hiking possibilities. That’s because there are a total of eight mountains here that can be reached on foot with a lot of enthusiasm. For example, the Puig d’ Alaró is worth a climb.


Hiking has always been one of your inspirations and a secret power source. With mountain tours in the green you’ve always been able to find your inner balance. What pleases your heart also pleases your body. Your anticipation for Alaró’s surroundings is giving you so much energy, that you’ve even started going on regular runs, aside from your hiking tours.


Now you wake up early every day before breakfast, to start your day with a nice run. While your iPod plays Spanish songs in your ear, you’re getting ready for a wonderful day in your new property in Alaró.


Overjoyed you’re returning back to your villa on Mallorca after your morning run with glint in your eyes. Everything goes according to your plan, just how you’ve imagined it. The interior decor of your fabulous house is already done. Now, it’s only you missing, with your attractive character, to fill this house with life.


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