Your fantastic new home in the City of Brussels, Belgium

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You have arrived in the beautiful city of Brussels in Belgium! You are ecstatic, and now you’re literally one step away from completing the move to the house of your dreams. Your Real Estate Agent found this gem, which is located in mid city Brussels, surrounded by shops, sights, restaurants, museums and just plenty of things to do! This is exactly what you’ve wanted!


Superb and original villa in Brussels with landscaped garden and ecological water basin

Impressive villa, Brussels, Belgium


In the next days, besides decorating your new gorgeous property, you’re already planning to check out Brussels on Stage! This is the perfect exhibit to learn about the city! Brussels is illusrated here on topics of culture, gastronomy, landscape and architecture.This should give you an all-round view of the city you call your new home!


Hungry for a bite? A fan of seafood by any chance? Try the area around the Place Sainte-Catherine. The Belgian restaurants here offer a great variety of local specialties! On another day, this international city offers many other types of foods for the delicacy lover.


Now it’s time to plan, sit back, relax and enjoy the steps towards your new life in Brussels. Your home is an amazing estate that will soon be filled with love, life and laughter – and you just can’t wait!


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