Our favourites for the month of December

Here is a review of our top properties of the month. Experience everything from contemporary living in London to an attractive Mediterranean lifestyle on the island of Mallorca. We have a wide range of properties to suit any taste!

United Kingdom, London (Cornwall Gardens)

Our favourites for the month of December

Modern living in the heart of London

A true insider tip: an apartment in Cornwall Gardens, South Kensington, which offers style and comfort in a prime location.  Enjoy a high level of functionality and well appointed living spaces, including a reception area with an adjoining terrace and a lovely, spacious kitchen. E&V ID: W-022OUN.

Spain, Mallorca (Deià)

Our favourites for the month of December

Mediterranean living at its best

This property in Deiá, Mallorca, is located on the island’s popular west coast and offers all the advantages of Mediterranean living. Special highlight: in addition to the beautifully furnished living areas, there is also a wine cellar and a spa. Ideal for relaxing: an outdoor area comprising a picturesque garden, a romantic patio and an all-round terrace. E&V ID: W-021ANK.

Spain, Mallorca (Son Vida)

Our favourites for the month of December

A prime location surrounded by beautiful nature

This beautiful property in Establiments is surrounded by an idyllic oasis of palm trees, fruit trees and colourful flower beds, and offers views of the Bay of Palma de Mallorca.  There is an outdoor area with a large swimming pool and spacious terraces. The living area, which is subdivided into a main building and a guest house, both of which are well appointed, gracefully combines modern living with a unique Mediterranean atmosphere. E&V ID: W-023ODJ.



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