Festive Easter Table

uglyducklingcompany21012015Easter Bake OffAt Easter, the whole family comes together, Easter eggs are looked for, menus are conjured are everybody celebrates together.   The guests have already been invited for the upcoming weekend and don’t yet know how you’ll decorate your Easter table. Our last minutes tips don’t take a lot of effect and work magic making any table into a marvellous tableau!

Eyecatcher: spring flowers

Flowers like magnolias or tulips draw every glance to your table and spread spring-like charm. Colour sprayed branches in white, light blue or pink amplify the effect. Make sure to always coordinate colour combinations so that not too many different colours are dominant. In the end the table should look festive. If you use white tableware, you can emphasise additional colour features with serviettes or table cloths.

Fancy some nature?

Especially at Easter, nature is a wonderful source of inspiration for decorations of all kinds. Gather twigs and branches and bind them together into a wreath or decorate your table with some moss. These go wonderfully with the Easter decorations you already have at home. Painting your own eggs isn’t just fun for the kids but also emphasises bright colour features. Quail’s eggs or chocolates on the spoons of the festive table also make eyecatchers.

Ambience: country home

Natural materials make a good basis for a cosy country home trend. If natural features alone are not sufficient, maybe you’d do well to furnish your home in a country home style. Often, a couple of handholds and some ideas are enough to rurally furnish your house. The combination of natural tones and pastel colours is also recommendable for Easter – already giving a modern ambience.

Good quality

When choosing tableware, cutlery or barware, always prioritise good quality. Premium serviettes made of linen in white or cream white are timeless and will last you longer than over Easter. Cushions and throws made from high quality materials are likewise a good investment and will comfort you year after year.

Purist or colourful – your imagination knows no bounds when designing your Easter table. We hope your preparations are relaxing! Are you still looking for an Easter menu? Read our article on culinary Easter customs from around the world and get inspired!