A finca in Selva: Your second home!

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How about a new high-quality property as a second home in the beautiful city of Selva on Mallorca? Here, inmidst of the island, you would no longer be the “Tourist” in your new class villa, your new dream house or your new meditteranean Finca, but you’d be one of the new residents surrounded by locals in a rural natural environment.

View at a terrace and pool a finca in Selva

Modern and elegant villa with stunning views, Selva, Mallorca

In your new Villa in Selva, you could work from home and whenever you feel like it, go out on the streets of this wonderfully uncomplicated place. On your walk in a short summer outfit, you pass olive trees, almond trees and date palms. While on the road, you tried different varieties of olive oil, and finally decided to buy a liter.

Back in your new villa in Selva, you make a delicious salad from the just purchased olive oil and the overripe, large tomatoes growing in your garden. To grab a bite, you lie down on your sun lounger and let your left hand slide into the cool water of your own swimming pools over and over again. Later on, you will still need to work at the computer for a bit – but today, you decided to simply take the laptop outside and let your feet dangle in the pool. Colleagues from Germany, call you sounding all stressed out and hectic. In the meantime, you sit back in your garden in Selva with a smile on your face, thinking to yourself: “So…this is what I call my SECOND home? We might want to re-think the final decision! “

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