How to find motivation for your next career step

How to find motivation for your next career stepWhether you’re working your way up the corporate ladder or considering a full career change, motivation is the key to transforming your working life. Once you reach a successful stage in your career it’s easy to feel complacent, forgetting the fact that you still have the ability required to progress even further along your chosen path. The following activities should improve your motivation, re-ignite your ambition and ensure that your next step is firmly in the right direction. 

Consider future regrets

Step back for a moment and reflect honestly on how you might view your current situation in later years, considering whether there are any upcoming opportunities you could miss out on without active effort. Are there areas of your career you’re not exploring to their full potential? Would you be happier in a new role or office? Do you have skills that you’re either not working to improve or in danger of losing entirely?

Recognise your interests

It’s important to understand what energises you, what makes you happy, and which areas of your personality make you feel proud. Once you have identified your interests, find a way to incorporate them into your career. For example, if you feel energised when people are listening to you, find relevant conferences and local events to speak at. You never know where this could lead you.

Understand your strengths

Having a clear idea of where your own talents lie and what your areas of expertise are will give you a good idea of which direction to move in. An easy way to identify your strong points is to ask: What do my colleagues ask for my assistance on most often?

Acknowledge your weaknesses

Knowing your weaknesses could help you to avoid poor career decisions. Think about which areas of working life make you most frustrated: If you’ve found that you feel unfulfilled sitting behind a desk from 9am until 6pm, it could be worth considering a more flexible role that sends you out of the office and into the community. 

Develop a clear plan

Ask yourself where you would like to be in five years’ time, contemplating different career paths and goals. Focus on one goal and write out a plan of how you are going to get there, incorporating any new skills you need to develop, contacts you want to speak to and how long it should reasonably take you to achieve.

Take the all-important first step

If you have been considering a career change for a long time, sit down and start the job search now, reading each description carefully to assess which responsibilities you find appealing. Keep your workspace at home clutter-free and clear of distractions, turning your phone off while emailing prospective employers. Stay focused and remember that the time you are putting in now will pay you back in the future, when you have a career that fulfils you.

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