Find your perfect house in Alaró

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Owning a house In Alaró – whether villa or finca – is hard to beat! The environment that Alaró offers is exactly what you wish for. Here, you can calmly ride your bike or go hiking. You can still clearly remember one of the first trips that you have taken in Alaró in Mallorca: The Castell d’Alaró. The castle ruins are located on the Puig d’Alaró, a picturesque mountain that you can reach by foot with a bit of adventure, endurance and a good sunscreen.

You have been looking very extensively for = a fancy house or a cozy finca on the sunny island of Mallorca! You have seen many properties that matched your style right away. Then you have discovered a property that fit you one hundred percent: The house is large, bright and spacious. When you entered the villa in Alaró for the first time, you knew right after the visit of the living room: The villa must become yours!

Finca in Alaró surrounded by mountains

Finca amidst spectacular nature, Alaró, Mallorca

Since you were so sure of the purchase of your new villa, you naturally wanted to get to know the country and its people. The weekly farmer’s market every Saturday in Alaró offers a great opportunity for exactly that. Taste the fresh fruit, let the self-made leather products grab your intention while you get inspired by the Spanish guitar sounds!

Life on Mallorca in Alaró sometimes, or rather more and more, seems like a dream come true. This is it! You are fortunate that you have found an ideal property in Alaró – property lovers like you simply know where to find most beautiful villas.

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