Finding Paradise in Sai Kung and Clear Water Bay – Part 2

At first glance, Hong Kong looks like any other modern metropolis. A bustling urban center littered with numerous lofty skyscrapers and frenetically, busy streets. However, Hong Kong is all this and much more. In fact, as much as 40% of Hong Kong’s land mass features verdant country parks and nature reserves.

The biggest of these country parks is in the expansive, district of Sai Kung and Clear Water Bay situated in the northeastern corner of the New Territories. This ‘Backgarden of Hong Kong’ offers an ambiance that is in stark contrast to the rest of Hong Kong.

With its pristine beaches, rolling green hills, sheltered bay, and natural Geopark, hiking trails, many tiny island and charming fishing villages, Sai Kung is a nature lover’s paradise. And all this untouched beauty lies at a distance of a mere forty minutes from Central (by car or taxi). 

The very existence of this green haven within such proximity gives credence to the fact that it is possible to lead a life surrounded by lush natural environs in bustling Hong Kong.

OB-XX027_0620ho_J_20130619004057Housing options in Sai Kung consist of luxury stand-alone villas and renovated village houses.  Many of these spacious residences afford stunning water views and feature private gardens and swimming pools rendering them ideal abodes for families.

Low-level residential developments and secure gated communities with communal recreational facilities also feature as area accommodation options.

Are you seeking your own slice of heaven in Sai Kung? We request you then to get in touch with our knowledgeable and qualified team at the earliest.

The highly experienced Annette Steadson, our sales and leasing advisor is a longtime resident of the Sai Kung area and knows it intimately.

Annette, relocated to Hong Kong ten years ago from Australia, and she greatly appreciates the diverse, limitless opportunities Hong Kong has to offer for business as well as social interaction.

Her home in Clear Water Bay is her refuge, a peaceful sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here in her tranquil domain, she loves to dance and welcome friends and spend quality time with her husband and three children hiking the country park trails or swimming at the gorgeous area beaches.

Annette’s business philosophy is simple. She works hard to find the ideal home for every client, for she believes that only when she has achieved this goal and her clients are happy will she be happy.

Do get in touch with Annette and allow her to help you find your personal paradise in Hong Kong.