A first-class house just for you in San José

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You’ve always wanted to own a villa or finca. Now, you have the unique opportunity to purchase a house in San José! Just look around Ibiza, where every property is one of a kind!


An extraordinary life starts for you from now on in your new property – it is exactly the life that you’ve always wanted: A life near the beach and the sea with nice people around you and a fun-filled environment. In San José, this dream has come true and every single day in Ibiza is even more beautiful than you have imagined.


Villa in San José with views over the sea

Pure luxury – villa in a prime location, San José, Ibiza


In San José, you stay active: Not only with long walks on the beach is how you spend your days, but also with cultural visits and various excursions: An archaeological site you should absolutely take look at is the Phoenician settlement of Sa Caleta. This settlement was even declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


It is often the insignificant details that make an environment inhabitable and worth living for you – such as the fishing coves in San José: Cala Llentrisca, s Xarco or sa Caleta are just a few bays with which you have fallen in love. For you, it is always a fascinating experience to watch how different each coast is and the marks that the sea has left in individual bays. You’ll also soon step outside of your villa a lot, in search of clues: Be it a sporty walk, a bike ride or a comfortable trip by car: On Ibiza in San José you still have plenty of places to explore.


Here in Ibiza in San José is where you realize: Many things you can be planned to worked out or laid out, but what really counts are things you can only experience: With all your senses, you realize how incredibly impressive and sensual it is, just to live. In your villa in San José. In your home in Ibiza.


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