A fresh start with a villa in San Juan

Ibiza has a lot to offer, a villa or finca, a dream home according to your wishes. Here, you are at home and dream of the new property you can now call your own while sunbathing.

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As you are sitting in your office, you often find yourself thinking about your new property – a beautiful villa in Ibiza’s San Juan. A special experience leaves your mind wandering back to Ibiza again and again. The joint beach volleyball tournament at sunset on the beach of Cala Xuclà is still a very clear memory.

Property in San Juan with a pool and a sea view

Pure luxury – coastal property, San Juan, Ibiza

For you, there is simply nothing better than to hang out in the sun and to relax. Your feet are sinking slightly in the light sand, you feel the sand particles running through your toes and the hot sun warming your back. It’s a wonderful feeling of being active to know that you are in good company.

The volleyball allowed you to get in touch with the locals and the Spanish amalltalk gets easier and easier to you nowadays. Simple manners and phrases in Spanish pass your lips smoothly and you can almost speak without an accent. The locals smile at you benevolently and you usually end up having dinner together in your villa by the beach.

You quickly noticed: You are welcome here in San Juan – You have to have a bit of courage and come out of your shell. Such moments prove again and again that you have found your personal dream house in Ibiza.

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