Is a garden just a garden?

Is a garden just a garden?


Home owners who own a beautiful and well-maintained front lawn or garden have something to be very proud of as it’s quite an accomplishment in certain parts of the world. There are competitions for the best-decorated houses, especially during Halloween or Christmas, when lawns and gardens are transformed into a colourful display of lights and festive decorations.

Many home buyers in Phuket consider a large garden as one of the prerequisites when acquiring a property. This is especially so for home buyers with young children, teenagers and/or pets. People love to have large grounds in which the kids can play, kick a ball around, and have a barbecue party in the evenings. Having a well-maintained large garden is a tough job and if you don’t have green fingers then you’d better have a good gardener on your speed dial (and trust me, these days they’re hard to come by).

Living in Phuket, we tend to combine outdoor and indoor living with the frequent use of the swimming pool, sala and garden. Phuket tends to get very hot from February to May with temperatures sometimes soaring as high as 43 degrees Celsius and the presence of trees and plants in your garden will definitely help to provide useful shade during those hot months.

The most important thing when starting out is to pick the correct trees and plants for your garden and consulting an experienced gardener or a landscaping company is definitely recommended. Even the right grass is important and the two most common type of grass grown in Phuket are buffalo grass and carpet grass. Buffalo grass grows well in a warm climate with a preference for dry conditions but can turn brown if not taken care of in extreme weather. Carpet grass, on the other hand, grows quickly, repels insects and is disease resistant. However because it grows quickly, it can become unsightly unless mown frequently.

Different plants require either direct sunlight, a shaded area, more water or less water to flourish and knowing which plants would fit best into your garden saves a lot of money and time. There have been many instances when all the initial trees and plants planted in the garden have had to be removed and replaced as they were just not suitable – either dying from the heat of direct sunlight, or of excessive water in times of flooding. This unhappy circumstance can happen in just a matter of months, resulting in the once proud owner of a tropical landscaped green garden gazing forlornly out at a garden full of wilted plants and dying trees.

Obviously, for owners looking to rent out or sell their property, a dying garden is far from being a good feature but most gated communities include gardeners as part of the common area services provided so that owners who are not in residence full time will not be faced with this problem. And it’s good to know that property owners can decide to opt out of the common area services and hire their own gardener or a professional landscaping company to specifically look after their garden.

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