It’s getting colourful on the balcony!

It’s getting colourful on the balcony!Balcony or terrace – it’s getting planted! Especially in large cities, these places are small oases of relaxation and can be converted into blooming splendour. If the temperatures are on the way up, it’s time to devote yourself to your balcony and put an end to the dreary winter months with blooming flowers. With our tips you can convert your barren balcony into a welcoming oasis! 

Adieu dreariness!

In the best case, bulb flowers like tulips or daffodils should have already been planned in autumn so that they bloom in time for spring. However if you’ve missed the right moment, you can still plant whole plants. Up until the end of April is the time for easy flowering plants like daffodils, tulips, pansies or primroses. One advantage of these plants is their weather resistance as they can also withstand any potential overnight frost. The important rule here is: freshly planted plants need lots of water.

Mediterranean flair

Do you like it Mediterranean? Then plant your flowers in terracotta tubs or earthenware containers – this way you’ll quickly conjure some southern flair even in northern regions. For summer flowers like roses, daisies or hydrangeas however, you’re better off waiting another few weeks to protect against cold temperatures since these plants cannot stand the cold. Hold off until approximately the middle of May, the end of the ice saints, then your bloom can no longer stand in the way. Evergreen plants like ivy, small conifers or spindles are a beautiful complement to blooming.   Even a box tree can be a balcony eyecatcher and doesn’t need much care.

Herb gardens on the balcony

How about a small herb garden right on your doorstep? With herbs you should always take care not to plant them before the end of April since they require a lot of warmth and light for optimal growth. Thyme, rosemary, basil or lemon grass – aromatic herbs refine your kitchen and provide a beautiful Mediterranean fragrance on the balcony.

Colourful colour features

Maybe your balcony furniture or handrail could do with a fresh coat of paint? Grab a paint pot and get started, treat the wood on your furniture with oil and give your balcony a new look with some colourful accessories such as watering cans, tea lights or tableware. An end table or sofa from the living room can take care of cosiness and comfort – and by the way, it doesn’t matter how much space your balcony has. Are you still looking for a new home with its own balcony? On our website you’re guaranteed to make a find – with numerous properties all over the world and new properties every day, we offer you a selection of high quality properties of a specific style. Take a look and get inspired.  

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