A gorgeous property in Valldemossa

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A house on Mallorca in Valldemossa is your personal dream. Amongst many real estate properties, you’ve chosen a chic property in an exclusive residential villa area. That was the right decision!


As you tell your friends that your plan of purchasing a unique property will soon be reality, your eyes light up and you begin to rave about Valldemossa. Most of your acquaintances are familiar with Valldemossa on Mallorca, since Chopin himself is supposed to have lived here in a monastery with his friends once.


Villa in Valldemossa with a large property

Unique villa, Valldemossa, Mallorca


On Mallorca in Valldemossa is where you get to relax. That’s because your whole life on Mallorca is based completely on your personal preferences. Of course, that’s different for every person: Personally, you love to enjoy the wind blow around you as you surf, just to be able to relax happily at a beach bar.

Now, you finally want to realize this long-awaited dream of an own house on Mallorca. That including all of the recreational activities and a wonderful view of the sea – along with all that goes with it: the unique culture of Spain and the open mentality of the people.


You’ve spent a couple wonderful vacation days here in Valldemossa already and had a chance to get to know the country and its locals – and soon you will be a part of Valldemossa yourself. You’re excited about your villa – this is where your new life is about to start! You’ve done everything right with the purchase of this house and its perfect surroundings!


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