A great house at the Paseo Maritimo

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A villa or finca on Mallorca – that’s a dream for many visitors. You’re fulfilling this dream for yourself by first checking out the beautiful properties at the Paseo Maritimo and then buying the perfect apartment or exclusive villa right here!


Property with sea view at the Paseo Maritimo

Property with a wonderful sea view, Paseo Maritimo, Mallorca


On Mallorca at the Paseo Maritimo is where your new property is located. You have carefully picked this place with your family, who all have the most different dreams and lifestyles! You, for example, love to go golfing, because there’s nothing more relaxing than to play on a well-maintained green lawn in full elegance and skill.

Your oldest daughter loves being by or at sea. She is the little adventuress in the family. No matter if surfing, canoeing, kayaking, pedal boating or water skiing, she has always been in love with the sea and spends any free moment in the water.

The two little ones however love to go hiking with you – along with the tiny cocker spaniel, who is also part of the family. Peter, the youngest member of the family, has decided, at age 7, that he will become a tennis pro.


So you can see, it’s not as easy to combine all these different interests in one place – but on Mallorca at the Paseo Maritimo that’s possible! There are chic penthouses and villas, inviting tennis and golf ranges in your close proximity and the sea is of course easy to access as well. At the Paseo Maritimo, there’s something for everyone. Here is where everybody can find their spot and the property of their dreams!


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