Great news for air travellers on UK routes to Mallorca this Summer

This season, there are going to be seven new air routes between Mallorca and the UK taking a total number of routes to 70, just eight behind Germany and 29 mote than from mainland Spain.
The new routes are the daily service from London Heathrow, Monarch and Thomson Airways from Leeds,Norwegian from Gatwick, Air Lingus from Belfast, British Airways from London and Orbest Portugal from Humberside. From Iceland, Air-Contractors will be operating out of Dublin.
The majority of the new routes would have taken off March and will be flying until at least the end of October, although many of the UK services , rather like this winter will continue during the low season. So, with the introduction of the new routes, Palma is now linked to 399 destinations, 337 of which are in Europe and two in Africa.
The biggest varied is now Ryanair which has bumped Air Berlin, which uses Palma as one of it’s main hubs, down in second place with EasyJet in third place and Air Europa in forth Heathrow.
For the UK market, the decision by Vueling to take on the daily London Heathrow service which British Midland cancelled is the one which is expected to have the most prominent affect of the British market. One leading source in the UK airline industry recently said that having a direct, daily link to Heathrow dramatically boosts the destinations profile and can only mean good news for Mallorca.


Source – Majorca Daily Bulletin


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