High-quality real estate in Palma

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Palma de Mallorca convinces with a diverse selection of quality apartments and spacious villas. One such dream property will certainly meet your high expectations. You have choices! However, it is quite possible that the decision of choosing a villa won’t be an easy one in Palma, because here in Mallorca, many properties have a real first class potential.

Penthouse with a spacious terrace with sea views (Palma de Mallorca)

Penthouse in a prime location overlooking the sea, Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca seems to you like a “Midsummer Night’s Dream”: Noble houses, inviting apartments and in the background shines the Mediterranean sun – this is the setting that invites you to purchase your new property soon.

When you wake up full of energy and want to start the day with action, speed and adrenalin, a ride on the speedboat is just right for you. With 500 hp and 50 knots, your ride can get started! Enjoy the sea views at Palma’s bay to the fullest. You will be amazed!

You rush past the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca at a high speed. Now you have the free choice – start your quest for your favorite beach! Take a short break and a dip in the crystal blue waters for a quick cool off.

You have deliberately chosen Palma de Mallorca as a residence and location for your new penthouse, because there is always something extraordinary to experience here! From now on, you can relax every day in your property, go swimming and take long walks on the beach – if you can find the time.

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