Historic buildings in Phuket

Historic buildings in Phuket 


For those with a free day in Phuket, don’t forget to spend the day checking out the historic buildings, some of the buildings date back more than a thousand years ago. 


One of the most prominent buildings in Phuket town is the Provincial Hall (or Sala Klang in Thai) which still houses the governor and his staff. A unique feature of the design is that the building has no windows – only 99 doors which promotes a light, airy working environment. Along the exterior access corridors hang many photographs recording the history of the Island. Built in 1910 the Hall still has many beautiful examples of intricately carved fretwork. 


Walk along Thalang road where most of the buildings are now converted to restaurants, hostels, shops etc but still keeping the same architecture of the past.




Photos by Windows on Phuket

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