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Front view of a Villa in Hasselt with unique views surrounded by nature

Villa like no other, Hasselt, Belgium


You are ready for the next step in your life and have been looking for the perfect real estate property in Belgium. Your real estate agent has been a great help in matching you with a few great villas and fincas here in the Limburg area, but Hasselt is the city you couldn’t quite forget. This ambiguous little town had the perfect 2-floor finca for you and your family.


Historical cities have always fascinated you, and you just love the city’s exquisite medieval street-plan. It reminds you of ancient times and always embarks your imagination on a journey through time, as you walk these magical streets. You just wonder, what may have happened on a particular corner of this market right there, or this fountain right here… How many knights have lived here, and which battles were fought right around your home. Who knows?!


You feel happy here. You felt like you’ve got stuck in everyday stress for a long time and needed a city that would make you feel comfortable. You’ve finally arrived, it feels like. You love your countryside style finca, that’s located in mid city. Everybody here seems to somehow be interconnected and know each other. You’ve even already made friends with your local supermarket owner. He knows you by name, and has your fresh bread and eggs ready for you every Sunday as you like it.


Now you’re at home on a rainy afternoon in Belgium, but that’s alright, because your home is the coziest it has ever been, and now you and your family have started filling it with familiarity, love and warmth. Next week, you are planning for another trip to the famous Green Boulevard of Hasselt – the city’s shopping district, to pick up a few more home-making pieces. Yes, you’re excited to settle in here in your new city.


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