Your home for the future at the Paseo Maritimo

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Mallorca is popular not just for its botanical variety, but also for its large number of luxurious properties. The villas, houses and apartments here are especially well furnished and equipped.

Each house is special, each property has its own character. Whether a Villa or a Penthouse, here you get exactly what you have imagined. Who does not want to own a property in Mallorca? Who wouldn’t want to have the sea and the beach right at your doorstep?

What is only a distant dream for many becomes a reality for you at the Paseo Maritimo. You’ve allowed yourself to think big – your plans and actions reflect exactly that. You have confidence in yourself and your abilities, your contacts, your temperament and your taste. You have decided to get the property of your dreams on the sunny island of Mallorca – your personal residential happiness is within reach!

Penthouse overlooking the harbor at the Paseo Maritimo

Luxurious penthouse with spectacular sea views, Paseo Maritimo, Mallorca 

You’re especially enchanted by the harbor near the Paseo Maritimo. The many ships are a paradise if you like to go on cruises and tours or wish to acquire a private boat. On Mallorca at the Paseo Maritimo, all of your dreams will be fulfilled from now on. A luxurious apartment and a modern penthouse have successfully made it into your list of favorites and the environment suits you perfectly! Now you just have to decide on the final property.

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