Hong Kong’s Best Parks

ParkIf Hong Kong’s vertiginous skyline has led you to believe that Hong Kong is yet another concrete jungle, then you will be delighted to know that this is not entirely true.  Hong Kong, in fact, has a bountiful of large country parks and sandy beaches within easy reach of most neighborhoods. Additionally, the city also has several lush city parks, which are interspersed between its many tall skyscrapers. These patches of green represent an oasis of calm as they offer Hong Kongers a welcome respite from the mad scramble of typical Hong Kong life.



Hong Kong Island

Hong Kong Park

Situated in the heart of Central, Hong Kong Park covers eight lush hectares and is a favorite lunchtime haunt of office workers in the area. This beautifully landscaped park features various attractions. Onsite at the park is an aviary, a conservatory, the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware, a Tai Chi Garden, a Children’s playground, an excellent dim sum restaurant and even a marriage registry. Flowing water is a prominent design accent at Hong Kong Park and takes the form of fountains, waterfalls, streams, and ponds. More than eight species of birds are resident in the park, and the park offers guided bird watching tours every Wednesday morning. These tours are free for the general public.

Victoria Park

Victoria Park is largest park on Hong Kong Island. Named after Queen Victoria the park occupies an expansive space near the bustling shopping district of Causeway Bay.  The park offers a wide array of sporting facilities including a swimming complex, tennis courts, bowling green, soccer fields and basketball courts. Walking and jogging trails, Children’s play areas; a model boat pond and a Central Lawn are other prominent features of Victoria Park. The park is a favored site for various events such as a lantern display during the mid-autumn festival, a colorful flower market during the run-up to Chinese New Year and various exhibitions. The Victoria Park site also serves as the finish point of the Hong Kong marathon every year.

Victoria Peak Garden

The Victoria Peak Garden as its name suggests is located at the top of Victoria Peak, steps away from the Peak Tram terminus. The park was once a part of the summer residence complex of the Governor of Hong Kong, but it now hosts a lush, tree-filled park, which offers public access. The main residence no longer exists, but the old gatehouse called the Gate Lodge still stands along with Victorian-era railings, gazebos, and pavilions. 

Quarry Bay Park

The Quarry Bay Park is the only waterfront park located on the eastern shore of Hong Kong. Easily accessible by public transport and within easy proximity of the popular City Plaza mall, the park has a long sea-facing promenade that is a favorite with walkers and joggers. Other amenities that are available at the park include football fields, basketball, and tennis courts. The Park is also home to the Fireboat Alexander Grantham boat-museum. This fascinating monument chronicles the long and illustrious history of the Hong Kong Fire Department’s flagship fireboat, which down the years conducted many a rescue mission in the waters and along the coastline of Hong Kong.

Dr. Sun YatSen Memorial Park

The Dr. Sun YatSen Memorial Park was first constructed on a patch of reclaimed land near the western harbor tunnel.  The park was then ripped up and redesigned. The park commemorates Dr. Sen, who was driven out of Hong Kong by the British at the request of the Qing Dynasty for they believed he was leading the Chinese revolution. Dr. Sen lived in exile in the USA and Japan, but he continued to travel back and forth to the mainland. During these trips, he met with his friends and supporters aboard a boat stationed in the South China Sea. Today, the spot where the boat used to anchor has been reclaimed from the sea and now hosts the waterfront Dr. Sun YatSen Memorial Park.  

The park consists of three main areas, a large grassy knoll on which stands a statue of Dr. Sen, a concrete promenade ideal for biking or roller-skating and a children’s playground.  Benches dot the area of the park and provide ample seating for park-goers who wish to relax in the peaceful environs while watching the many boats and ferries ply on the South China Sea. The park is located close to the Dr. Sun YatSen Memorial Park Sports Center, a large sporting facility, which has provisions for various sports. Facilities offered here include an indoor swimming pool and indoor courts for volleyball, basketball, badminton, netball, squash and more.

Wong Nai Chung Reservoir Park

Located on Tai Tam Road, the Wong Nai Chung Reservoir Park centers around an unused reservoir. The reservoir dates back to 1889 but is no longer used for its original purpose as it has a small storage capacity. Today, the reservoir-turned-park serves as a popular venue for pedal- boat and rowboat expeditions. Park goers can hire pedal boats and lifejackets from a kiosk situated within the park.


Kowloon Park

Extending over 13.3 lush, green acres, Kowloon Park is a heaven of tranquility away from the perennial hustle-bustle of TsimShaTsui. The park has much history associated for it served as a prominent military base during British times. In 1970, this former military base was transformed into a luscious park that is today home to various species of birds. The park’s many attractions include special garden enclosures such as a Chinese Garden, a sculpture garden, a maze garden and more. Other facilities and attractions include a bird lake, a landscaped aviary, a children’s playground, a Discovery playground, mini-soccer pitches and more. The Kowloon Park Sports Center and the Kowloon Park Swimming pool and their myriad amenities are enclosed within the boundaries of the park. Aside from sports and leisure facilities’ the park also offers cultural performances in the form of Kung Fu and Lion Dance displays on the Sundays.

Nan Lian Garden 

Nestled amongst the many high-rise buildings in the Diamond Hill district of Kowloon is the charming Nan Lian Garden, a typical Chinese garden from the Tang Dynasty era. The garden is the result of a collaborative effort between the Hong Kong government and the Chi Lin Nunnery. The Chi Lin Nunnery continues to manage and maintain the garden until today for a nominal sum of $1.

The Nan Lian Garden evokes a sense of serenity, for it is set up as a meticulously landscaped Chinese temple complex complete, with bridges, koi and lotus ponds, a waterfall and a gilded pagoda. The garden marries all the elements of Tang dynasty garden architecture including key elements such as hillocks and rocks, water bodies, trees and rocks and timber structures. A delightful vegetarian restaurant and a typical Chinese teahouse are additional attractions of this enchanting garden.

New Territories

Tsing Yi Park

The Tsing Yi Park located in the heart of the suburb of Tsing Yi is a European-style park adorned with pavilions, statues, and even an amphitheater. The sprawling park also several children’s play areas, three pebbled walking trails, a palm garden, a picnic area and lawn and even a Tai Chi garden, and an ornamental lake. Sporting facilities available at Tsing Yi Park include tennis courts, a basketball court, and a football pitch.

Ma On Shan Park

Ma On Shan is a relatively new town built on the eastern coast of Tolo Harbor in the New Territories. The town’s sizeable park affords stunning views of the Tolo Harbor and the surrounding Pat Sin Leng peaks. The park features several recreational areas such as an innovatively designed children’s playground, an adventure maze, a jogging trail and a pebble-lined walking trail dotted with fitness equipment. The park also hosts a display chronicling the town’s mining history.

Tai Po Waterfront Park

The New Territories region of Hong Kong seems to have a lot more space than Hong Kong Island or Kowloon, so it’s no wonder that the largest park in the SAR is located here. The Tai Po Waterfront Park occupies an expansive 22 hectares of elevated land and faces the picturesque Tolo Harbor. This large, well-designed park offers several sports and leisure facilities. Available onsite at the park is a lofty, spiral lookout tower, manicured gardens and a lush bowling green, an amphitheater, a gate ball court and a level promenade ideal for walking and cycling. The park also caters to children of all ages by way of attractions such as a large Children’s playground, a model boat pool and even a museum with displays of insects and other creepy-crawlies.

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