A house to dream of in Inca

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Inca in Mallorca offers various properties that you like. Whether a finca or a villa, you would like for Inca to be your new home.


Soon you will be living here in Mallorca, in your new finca, and you’ll be able to choose your activities daily: Whether it’s golding or diving, you have plenty of time to try out everything that you’ve never done before.


You love the sun, the sea, and the people. All of that – you get here on Mallorca and muuuch more! The properties are something that you’ve especially come to appreciate here: There are plenty of fincas and villas here. You’ve always wanted to buy a house in Mallorca, but in Inca is where you’re finally making this dream come true.


Romantic Finca in Inca

Luxurious and romantic finca, Inca – Mallorca


What was also interesting about Inca to you were the various sights. You always stay busy on your trips, because there’s such a large variety of things to do. Whether it’s the Dominican Monastery of Convent de Sant Domingo, the wax figure room of Museo de Sera or the Church of Santa Maria la Major d’Inca. Especially if you bring your kids along, the wax figure cabinet is worth a trip, because there’s something for every family member here.


All these tiny sights show you, how insightful it can be, to learn a little bit about the history of your new home. Because Mallorca certainly has more to offer than just parties, beaches and sports possibilities.


Inca in Mallorca is your personal new beginning, that nobody can take away from you. Everything started with a vacation in a small vacation home, and ended with a walk through the property of your dreams. Inca has become more than an exceptional vacation destination.


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