A house of your dreams in Valldemossa

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Garden of a villa in Valldemossa with pool and palm trees

Spectacular villa with views of the mountains and the sea, Valldemossa, Mallorca


There are many houses, villas and fincas in Mallorca – but in Valldemossa is where they are particularly stylish.


Just look at the properties here! The sun warms your face with every single ray, a gentle breeze is blowing in your face and you almost knocked over your drink off the bath towel. You are so absorbed by the new environment, which is not so new anymore, but always unique in its tiny details.


No matter whatelse is left to do on a stressful day, whether it’s the tedious work or the hectic move – the moments on the beach of Valldemossa cheer you up and give you strength. This drawing of strength was one of the reasons why you have chosen Mallorca as a home. Whether a unique villa or beautiful finca – Many beautiful properties here are located near the beach.


There are neither masses of tourists here, nor a large number of souvenir shops. This place is drawn by silence, that you’ve been missing for a long time.


Your friends could not even imagine that you wanted to build a life here in Valldemossa, but after they visited you in the new house, they have lost all their doubts. Your friends have fallen in love with the area and the wonderful properties. Further sightseeing tours proved for Valdemossa to be a particularly impressive location.


You are happy to have finally found a property here in Mallorca. Because there is nothing more beautiful than to know that you did everything correctly, and That – you have!


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