A house to fall in love with in Camp de Mar

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A villa in Mallorca – that has always been a big dream of yours. You’ve always been interested in fancy properties, especially extraordinary villas and fincas. The community of Andratx is one you’ve especially liked a lot.


This is exactly how your new chapter in life starts! In Camp de Mar is where you’ve found a place, that is not taken up by tourists – here’s where silence has more meaning than parties or tourist attractions. Mallorca is in fact more than just a mental distraction. Camp de Mar is part of the Andratx community – here’s where you still want to experience tons of new things.


Stone villa in Camp de Mar

Beautiful stone villa, Camp de Mar, Mallorca


Take a moment to enjoy the fine sand beach of Camp de Mar. No fake animations, free of extraneous and alienated influences. Nobody is going to bother you as you relax, because here, it’s just you and the sea. Here is where you can find back to yourself.


As comfortable as life in your villa may be – switch it up a bit. Every day in Camp de Mar offers more relaxation. You can walk along the harbor promenade, with friends or by yourself, observe the different people and simply sit down and relax at one of the numerous restaurants here. Here’s where you can expect the best of the best of every day. In between, you could check out a few sights as well. Or simply live every day in a way that will make you fall asleep full of contentment at the end of the day.


Click here to access our unique properties in Camp de Mar in Mallorca.