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Villas and villas are just as stylish as the surroundings in Santa Eulalia. Your property is located here between many wonderful homes. Look forward to your Villa!

On Ibiza there are many opportunities for adventure and to be active outside of your property. Some sports are well known and very popular, such as surfing or scuba diving. These sports promote you and your health, but you want to challenge yourself and your body, it’s not enough to you to just exhaust yourself. You want something special and that doesn’t just concern the purchase of a villa or finca.

View of a modern property in Santa Eulalia with Pool

Spacious property in contemporary design, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

You are lucky to live in a villa in Santa Eulalia, because here on Ibiza, your life is nowhere near normal and boring! A sport that is only just about to establish itself is cliff jumping. This exercise is perfect for adventurers who love challenges! In San Antonio, you can practice this sport. All you will need is courage, daredevilry and a love for risk taking.

The necessary basic skills, such as jumping and which height to jump from are things that your coach will share with you. Safety comes first, even in this sport, which looks very daring at first glance. But don’t worry! Try it! You are adequately supported by professionals! Also, do not start off with the highest cliff, but work your way to level height. Nevertheless, the motto here: Close your eyes and just do it! Challenge yourself and you will see how good it feels to emerge from the sea of Ibiza after the free fall.

After such an adventure, you are looking forward twice as much to return to your lovely finca in Santa Eulalia and ending the day in relaxation and without a lot of adrenaline in the summer sun in the backyard of your property.

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