Your house in Pollensa on Mallorca: This is the start of your new life!

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It’s finally time! Now you are here, in front of your new dream home in Pollensa, that you’ve picked from a wide variety of our attractive real estate properties – high class villas and ultra-modern homes in Mallorca. Mallorca’s warm breeze is passing your face while you take the final steps along the stone paved way to your new home. Open the massive wooden door, drop your bags and enjoy the feeling of having arrived in your new life at least. Your new life in Pollensa on Mallorca starts here and now! A new chance to be happy! A new opportunity to start from scratch and to leave behind anything old for good.

House in Pollensa with views of fields and mountains

House surrounded by stunning nature, Pollensa, Mallorca

Your home is set up in the Mediterranean style – classically beautiful, modern and yet at the same time featuring an island flair. To you, it’s perfect. This is just as you desired for your Mallorca property to be. A spacious garden is included. The sprinklers are just starting up as you take a look in your new garden. Spontaneously you decide to walk out through the double doors to the garden of your villa and dance round the sprinkler rain. You finally feel free and happy again. You’ve ultimately arrived at the house of your dreams.

Later on, you are planning to take a 7 km trip to the nearby Platja d’Albercutx with your jeep. Sunbathing at this wonderful beach will make you feel just right, and it’s going to be the culmination of the perfect first day of your new life in Mallorca. Instinctively you just know that you have made the right decision, that everything exactly as it was meant to be for you and your future in beautiful Pollensa in Mallorca.

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