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On Ibiza in San José there are a a few villas and fincas that have instantly caught your eye. The properties here are unique and you’re curious about going to an open house.


Property in San José under a bright blue sky with a large pool

Dream of a property in San José, Ibiza


You’ve been considering a new beginning and the purchase of a new house in your home country for a while now. Ibiza and San José have made it onto your personal list of favorites. There are a few other things that are important to you besides a flawless house, a well maintained backyard and a quick-to-reach shopping possibility.


The culture of a location defines it and has a major lasting impact on it. That’s why you took a trip to Placa de sa Església – a central location for locals and visitors of all kinds. Here is where many people come to get in touch with each other and have a chit chat, visit old relatives or simply going to the church together.


Who knows, maybe you will run into a familiar face or make new friends, that could enrich your life.


In San José on Ibiza is where you don’t just take a vacation, but you can also live in full relaxation and in full success. Just let things come to you: Look around the area, have a lazy beach day, take a few trips to the museum.


Another possibility to figure out what life in Ibiza, San José is about, is simply talking to some of the locals of San José. Even if the conversation takes place in English at first and you can only communicate with a few nice gestures, this is how you learn about the way of life and the attitudes of your co-residents.


Dare to take this next step and check out a few properties in San José! Ultimately a big dream starts with a few small steps.


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