Ideas and tips for your home cinema

Is it popcorn, the huge screen or the comfy seat? Whatever it is, the desire to watch films in that special cinema atmosphere is just as big as ever. At the same time, thanks to technological advances, demands on the film experience continue to grow. A home cinema offers film lovers the opportunity to watch films within their own four walls, in a state-of-the-art environment that caters to their individual needs. Here’s how you can be part of this home cinema trend.

Ideas and tips for your home cinemaYour first step towards a home cinema is to make a plan, setting out your budget and the specifics of installation.

Find the right place in your home

In your search for the right room (ideal size 4×6 metres), consider those that are furthest from bedrooms and lounges. The best ones are cellars or a large guest room in the attic. It’s important that your home cinema isn’t near highly-frequented rooms or corridors and that nobody is disturbed by its volume.

Determine the right screen size

To get the best effect from your home cinema, make sure that the position and dimensions of the screen fit the room. Compared to television, a larger screen incorporates the active field of vision, or the area we can see without moving our heads. Because of this, it’s important to consider the desired screen size carefully, as well as the dimensions (a 16:9 aspect ratio is best), before starting construction.

Get the best protection against noise

Floors, ceilings and exterior walls must be fitted with appropriate insulation (minimum R30), while interior walls must also be insulated appropriately (R11) in order to shield against noisy film effects such as explosions. Add special plaster and dry walls to the room to stop additional noise escaping to the outside.

Build in the sound system

To get the best sound from your home cinema choose a 7.1 Surround Sound system which, consisting of a subwoofer and seven channel speakers, can be attached in various positions:

-       One speaker centred in front of or behind the screen

-       Two speakers positioned left and right of the screen at ear height

-       Two speakers at the side at the height of the middle row of seats

-       Two speakers on the back wall (opposite the screen).

For serious audiophiles, a 9.1 sound system is a must. Here, additional speakers are placed on the ceiling in order to recreate special film effects such as the noise of a helicopter.

Set up a video projector

When installing a video projector, be careful to install an interface that allows you to operate the system by remote control, so you can start and end the films from the comfort of your seat. A high-quality projector, such as an LCD device, should be able to provide outstanding reproductions of resolutions in middle zoom. Cable brackets should be stable and well-hidden from view, in order to create an appealing cinema atmosphere.

Choose the right lighting

For the right home cinema atmosphere you need a well thought-out lighting system with ceiling and wall lights (i.e. halogen spots). Set up lighting up that can be turned on and off remotely and fit a dimmer switch. Darken ceilings and walls with curtains, if necessary, and avoid reflective surfaces to ensure optimal lighting conditions and aspect ratios.

Create an individual interior

Whatever form your home cinema may take, comfortable seating, preferably consisting of two rows, is a must for the right cinema atmosphere. During installation, make sure to raise the back row of seats. For additional comfort add in-built drinks holders and lots of leg room.

The rest is entirely up to you – build it according to your tastes. Depending on your budget and creativity, you could give your private cinema a playful or even a futuristic look. Whether you need a property that offers you the best conditions for the installation of your home cinema or you’re looking for a new home that is already equipped with a home cinema: with real estate from across the world, Engel & Völkers offers you the perfect fit.

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