An incomparable penthouse in Portixol

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An apartment or a chic villa on Mallorca is just a fleeting thought for many people – but for you it is possible to treat yourself to a dreamlike property in Portixol.

You spotted an apartment in Portixol that meets your individual needs. Now a new and unforgettable day begins for you in Mallorca’s Portixol! Time passes by super fast for you here – For the time passes here as in flight – you collect mountains full of beautiful memories that you love sharing with friends and family over and over again.

Terrace of a property in Portixol with a Jacuzzi and sea views

Property with incredible sea views, Portixol, Mallorca

Portixol was once a small fishing village – today Portixol has undergone a change for to become the in-style location and is now more popular and richer in beautiful properties than ever before. However Portixol was able to save its charming nature, which you notice every morning again and again: in the harbor café around the corner is where you are able to enjoy the aroma and rich flavor of your morning coffee in peace and in the evening, you treat yourself to a fruity cocktail at a trendy bar by the harbor once in a while.

Owning a property in Mallorca has always been one of your greatest dreams. You soon realized that Portixol – located south west of Palma – was the ideal place for you and your new property. That’s because here is where you can combine your lifestyle with a certain feel-good guarantee.

Furthermore, trips to nearby places such as El Molinar or Can Pere Antoni also enrich your everyday life. Yet at the end of each of these eventful trips to the many beautiful corners of Mallorca you know one thing: Portixol was the perfect choice for you and your apartment to make you feel at home.

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