Infinity pools

Infinity poolsThere’s no better place to appreciate a beautiful view than from the comfort of an infinity pool which seems to disappear straight into the scenery. Also known as ‘vanishing edge’ pools, their design utilises ingenious technology to create the impression of a pool that stretches into the horizon, with the clear water constantly overflowing over hidden walls. Requiring complex structural engineering and a catch basin, the illusion of effortlessness doesn’t come easily, but if your property has the kind of sweeping panoramic views that deserve promotion, an infinity pool might be the perfect finishing touch.

Environmental integration

One of the most alluring aspects of infinity pools is their relative inconspicuousness. These pools are primarily intended to give precedence to breathtaking vistas surrounding the property, ensuring that your eyes are guided past the edge of the pool towards the landscape beyond. This can work especially well for elevated properties on skyscrapers, cliffsides or hilltops, as a natural drop below the infinity edge will make installing the necessary catch basin easier and keep the focus firmly on the view beyond.   

Low maintenance

In order to maintain optimum water levels, infinity pools are equipped with an ultra-efficient filtration system that transfers overflowing water from the catch basin pool to the main pool. This ensures that the water is constantly circulated and refreshed, thus reducing the level of upkeep and maintenance required.

Heightened purity

The efficient filtration on infinity pools doesn’t just make the overflowing edge of an infinity pool possible; it also ensures that the pool retains optimum levels of purity and cleanliness throughout the year. Any pollutants are quickly drawn into the purification filters, and the constant flow of water around the pool results in the even distribution and heightened effectiveness of any chemicals used for cleaning.  

Ease of movement

Swimming is one of the most efficient forms of exercise, working multiple muscle groups in unison and creating resistance without heavy impact on the ligaments. Equally, several studies have indicated that outdoor exercise, especially in a natural environment, significantly boosts mental health and wellbeing. With this in mind, infinity pools can form an important part of any fitness regime, allowing uninhibited access to nature and a calm and inspiring space to stay healthy. 


There’s no shortage of inspiring infinity pools that you can take inspiration from when planning your own. Work closely with your exterior designer to find the premium position for your new fixture, considering whether you want the edge of your pool to melt seamlessly into the skyline, or cut dramatically across it. For families with young children, infinity pools can be fitted with a wading section to allow little ones to practise their padding before venturing into the deep end. 

If you’re seeking a property with breathtaking views in which to install an indulgent infinity pool, or hope to find a holiday home that already has one, contact Engel & Völkers. With shops in over 37 countries, you’ll have your pick of mountaintop villas, contemporary urban penthouses and beachside mansions. 

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