Interior design trends for 2016 – Part 2

Are you already on the lookout for the latest interior design trends for 2016? In our second part, we take a look at some more interior design trends and themes for the coming year!

Interior design trends for 2016 - Part 2

1. Copper

Although the reddish gleaming metal is not entirely unknown in interior design, it will be used more often in the coming year – in particular in kitchens and furniture and for decorating lamps, candlesticks or vases.

2. Dark kitchens

Kitchens are always an important highlight when it comes to interior design trends. In 2016, natural wood and copper elements will be used more often to decorate this central space. The new trend: dark kitchens, ranging from dark grey to black. This may take some getting used to, but bestows an elegant and luxurious touch.

3. Green tones

Another new trend: green tones, especially in the bedroom – from moss green and fern to all the other variations found in nature. Green tones will also form the basis for a wide range of accessories that draw on graphic elements from the forest or even the jungle.

4. Silver and grey

Also suitable for the bedroom: a combination of silver-coloured accessories and various shades of grey. The result is a mix of cool colours that create a soothing sleeping environment.

5. Far Eastern charm

Asian patterns, cherry blossoms or Chinese patterns will adorn our living rooms in the coming year. Bring a hint of the Far East into your home!

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