Interior Trend: Blue and white

Airy, light-enhancing and versatile, blue and white palettes are a timelessly effective interior design choice. The combination has a wholesome appeal, evoking gently lapping ocean waves and clouds wandering across the sky to echo the simplicity and serenity of the natural world. In feng shui, blue is the colour of calmness and contemplation, while white signifies purity, freedom and wholeness. Follow this simple advice to introduce an air of tranquillity to your home decor.

Interior Trend: Blue and whiteThe lounge

Using warm tones like indigo or azure in your lounge will ensure that the room feels both cosy and fresh. Pristine white walls amplify the room’s natural light, and they’re easily embellished with accents in your chosen hue, such as scatter cushions, picture frames or Chinese vases. Choose a statement sapphire sofa or a painted or wallpapered feature wall to tie the room together. 

The kitchen

Whether you prefer the rustic charm of a farmhouse kitchen or the smooth, contemporary minimalist style, there is a blue and white colour scheme to match. 

Natural materials and light are key elements of rural home decor, with slate or marble counter-tops a prominent feature. Sturdy, good-quality wood should be used for cupboards and islands, painted in a soft cerulean blue and offset by cream walls, woven fabrics and off-white kitchenware. For the backsplash, stone or blue gloss tiles make eye-catching, yet functional, additions.

For a chic, modern design, select a bolder electric blue as your main accent colour. Vibrant tones like this one make a statement when used in moderation, so you may wish to reserve it for the work surfaces and chosen fixtures only. Retro American diner stools and clean, white surfaces create a ’60s aesthetic that works especially well with a baby-blue, white, and chrome colour scheme.

The bathroom

Blue and white in the bathroom is an especially good match, lending itself ideally to a seaside or ocean theme. It can be useful to channel these connotations when considering your design; a patchwork of rich blues and greens, used as tiling behind the shower or bath, adds a sense of movement and flow, like sunlight glinting off the water.

Freestanding bath tubs and other ceramic elements often look best in clean and classic white, offset by a statement wall in turquoise or cobalt. Quality fluffy towels and bath mats in matching hues complete the look.

The bedroom

Deep blue can be particularly conducive to sleep and relaxation, which makes it an ideal shade to use in bedrooms – but if your room lacks natural light, a brighter shade may be preferable. To create a bohemian vibe, look out for Regency-style wardrobes and chests of drawers painted in eye-catching turquoise, adding richly patterned rugs and decorative cushions to give the room texture. Pure white cotton bedding ensures that the overall impression remains light and opulent.

Baby blue and white are an ideal choice for children’s bedrooms. Mix playful bubble and polka-dot designs with stripes and white-painted furniture for a fun, fresh feel, or use this palette as the basis for a specific theme – underwater worlds and sailboats are both popular choices. 

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