Interior Trend: Day spa

Bathing in the cleansing steam and soothing water of a day spa encourages your stresses to simply slide away. However, increasingly busy days and the ever-quicker pace of life can make it difficult to retreat for a full day’s relaxation as often as one might like. Instead, try bringing the bliss of the day spa into your home by updating your bathroom décor.

Interior trend: Day spaSteam showers

A steam shower makes a particularly covetable centrepiece to your home spa. These modern bathroom additions work by filling an enclosed shower space with fine, heated mist as you adjust the temperature and pressure to your preference. Steam’s health benefits include opening your airways, cleansing your pores and relieving aching muscles, so it’s essential for health and fitness enthusiasts. Many steam showers come with sauna-style bench seating where you can recline and fully unwind. Massage panels, which send out soothing pulses of water, can be installed within to complete your relaxation, and rainwater shower heads are desirable additions for a refreshing cleanse after your steam.

Freestanding baths

The quickest way to give your bathroom a day spa feel is to place a deep, cradling freestanding bath in a particularly scenic part of the space. The reviving influence of nature will give your spa bathroom a characteristic freshness and light, so if the room overlooks lush countryside or a private garden, have the bath installed beside an expansive window to allow the natural world inside. For rooms without such an enticing view, it’s possible to create your own scenery with a floor-to-ceiling mural of a forest or an oceanic or mountain vista. 

Natural materials

Continue the theme of nature by introducing wood and stone textures and colours to the room. Timber wall panels and stone floor tiles will bring an earthy feel, and the addition of natural accents including woven towel baskets, wood-framed mirrors and stone soap dispensers will ensure that the organic motif flows throughout the design. The rest of the room should be decorated in a neutral palette, including cream and pale grey, to evoke a relaxing ambience.

Atmospheric accents

Subtle sensory design accents, such as lighting, aroma and sound, create a sense of exclusivity. Mood lighting, which can be dimmed or brightened using kinetic sensors or wall panels, can be built in to complement the truly therapeutic experience. Plants and fragrant flowers added to windowsills or walls bring a rejuvenating touch of freshness and life, or consider adding to the room’s intrinsic soundscape with a trickling water feature.

If you enjoy meditation, an in-built sound system is essential for an immersive experience. To replicate the traditional spa retreats of the Far East, you may wish to play gentle atmospheric music or the sounds of the ocean. Ensure that soft, fresh cotton towels and organic aromatherapy oils await you to complete your multi-sensory relaxation in your home day spa.

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