Interior Trend: Decorations for January

Interior Trend: Decorations for JanuaryJanuary has long been associated with new beginnings, making it the perfect time to embark upon a redecoration project in your home. As the lights are taken down and shimmering baubles packed away, the comparative sparsity of the décor acts as a blank slate that you can fill with fresh colours, rustic centrepieces and thoughtful ornaments. If you’re planning on making some post-Christmas changes, these essential interior design tips should help you to get started. 

Start afresh

Although there’s always a certain sadness that comes with removing all your festive embellishments, embrace the opportunity to critically assess the rest of your home décor, clearing away clutter and any outdated accessories. After a thorough spring clean, you’ll find it much easier to take a step back and reevaluate the space you’re working with. Prioritise comfort and cosiness, particularly if you live in a climate that will continue to be cold for several months. 

December is filled with large family gatherings and five-course meals around elegant dining tables, but in January, you can afford to favour a more casual aesthetic. Replace thick table cloths and heavy drapes with fresh linen and light cotton throws to celebrate the onset of spring. Rustic touches such as artisan crockery, woven baskets and stoneware pieces also work well, creating an atmosphere of homely simplicity in communal spaces.

Maximise natural light

Filling indoor spaces with bright touches and light-reflecting colours will help to illuminate darker days. Large, ornamental mirrors should be hung in spacious rooms to maximise sunlight from windows, while polished wood and brass touches can go a long way in more intimate spaces. If you’re prepared to completely revamp your colour scheme, select paints in fresh, neutral tones such as cream, pale green and honey. 

Add fresh foliage 

It’s inevitable that you’ll spend less time outside in winter, but with carefully chosen evergreen plants you can still surround yourself with nature. Vivid pot plants in hallways and lounges will add much-needed touches of life and colour, while simple white blooms will lift your table decorations. Choose fresh new fragrances for each room and wherever possible, arrange your furniture to look out towards french doors or windows to make the most of your property’s views. 

Warm up the outdoors

Garden spaces are often neglected when winter sets in, but there are several simple ways to keep these outdoor areas welcoming throughout the colder months. Hang vintage lanterns up in porches and gazebos, cover seating with snug plaid or tartan throws, and twine wreaths and ivy around trellises. 

Emphasise organisation

“Be more organised” must be one of the most common New Year’s resolutions adopted around the world, and a calendar is one of the simplest and best tools for helping you achieve this. Although modern technology has made it easier to keep track of upcoming events via smartphone, there’s something far more tangible about placing a visual reminder of your plans in a prominent position on the wall. There are some beautifully designed calendars out there, so you can easily choose one that will match your artistic tastes.  

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