Interior Trend: Desire for Country Style?

Country-Styles-Interior-Interior-Design-IdeasA picnic in the open air or a trip to a country with warmer climates – being close to nature can also serve as inspiration for furnishing the home in a popular country style. Especially in spring and the summer months, it’s tempting to spend more time outside and to bring a little bit of nature home with you. We’ll show you how to spread some rustic flair around your house in just a few simple steps.

The style, which originates from the 18th century, is well established in Great Britain. Either as a rustic variant or a grand design in the style of British manors – the country style is always surrounded by an air of romanticism. It differs greatly from theminimalist design of modern apartments and lofts. Instead of laborious perfectionism, comfort and protection reign here.

Classicism meets nature

If you would like to create the nonchalance of the country style in your home, then first look to natural materials. Whether untreated wood, furniture without pollutants, linen or cotton – focus on good quality. When choosing furniture, it’s not just about picking all the furniture in this style. One or two pieces of furniture per room are usually enough to conjure some country flair. Particularly beautiful is the combination of dainty accessories with fine antiques. Rustic floorboards or even natural stone tiles are suitable for flooring. “Having a maxim is the most important thing when creating this style: Create an extraordinary atmosphere with furniture and accessories which complement each other stylistically and invite you abide a little longer”, knows Bettina Prinzessin Wittgenstein, Interior Expert at Engel & Völkers. 


The kitchen is more than just a place to cook. It’s where the family meets; around the big wooden table is where homework is done, birthdays celebrated and thoughts exchanged. Emphasise the warmth of this room with furniture made of solid wood. They are steadfast and bestow a rustic flair. White furniture is also ideal for creating an air of country charm with floral or plaid accessories.  

In the living room , a wing chair in front of the chimney, a fur or a high-quality rug can take care of comfort. Lamps with curved feet and a lamp shade made from high-quality material with floral print patterns serve as a source of light.

design-with-rustic-headboards-eas-at-low-profile-wooden-master-bedroom-images-style-low-profile-bed-design-with-leather-bedsIn the bedroom, you can’t go wrong with shabby-chic furniture. A white chest of drawers with metal fittings, for example, is a beautiful eyecatcher. A bedframe made from untreated wood, ground-coloured linen bedsheets or pillows with white, delicate lace emphasise the style. A floral bedspread is also a beautiful eyecatcher and conveys some fresh charm. Our tip: Put fresh flowers around the bedroom regularly and enjoy the scent and the colours.

Even in the bathroom, country flair can be quickly created. A white washbasin cabinet or woven baskets for cosmetics combine the practical with the beautiful while unusual candle stands make for a romantic touch.

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