Italian Property Taxes

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In Sicily like in the rest of Italy, the purchase and possession of a property involve also
the payment of Taxes.
Before we speak about the different rules of the Taxes in Italy, its important to know that
the fiscal value of a building is not given buy its market value or its purchase price, but
by a Figurative value calle “Valore Catastale” =cadastral value (or also Price of Value),
that it is obtained by the “rendita catastale”, an amount that should represent the
profitability of property.
The cadastral value of the property is very different from its market value, it is about one third
and one firth of this last one.
Having said that, we can examine the various real estate taxes.
Buying from a private involves the payment of a registration fee of 9% of the cadastral
value, in addition to an amount of EUR 100.00 for mortgage and cadastral taxes. The
purchase by a company, on the contrary , is subject instead to the registry, to Value
Added Tax (VAT ) of 10 %, calculated on the cost of this purchase.
In both cases, you can significantly reduce the tax burden by asking, in the deed of
purchase tax benefits directed to the purchase of the ” first house “, subject to the
following conditions:
- Commitment to transfer his residence in the property purchased within the next 18
- Non- possession of other buildings for housing in the municipality where the property
you are purchasing;
- Failure to exploit these benefits in the past.
In this case , the registration tax will be equal to 2 % ( instead of 9 % ) or, in the case of
purchase by a company, the tax of added value will be equal to 4 % ( instead of 10
% ).
The owner of a property will then be required to pay annual taxes of two types of
capital, both calculated on the cadastral value: l ‘ ” Municipal Tax Own ” or “Set
Municipale Unica” ( IMU ) and the Tax on Services Indivisible ( TASI ).
The rates of these two taxes are decided, with wide margins of autonomy, by each
municipality. In most cases, the Italian municipalities adopt the maximum rates
prescribed by law, for which the sum of IMU and TASI not allow you to go beyond 1.06
% of the assessed valuation of the property.
The house of residence reflects favorable treatment, as not subject to IMU: in this case,

therefore, the imposition may not exceed 0.25% of the cadastral value. To contribute
to the cost of waste disposal, the tax is then due on Waste ( TARI ), calculated
according to the square meters of the property and the number of occupants.
The TARI and (for a variable rate between 10% and 30% ) the TASI are , in the case of
rent, the tenant.

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